Private School Detection Services


In the halls of academia, there’s always the risk of illicit drug use. It could be something as innocuous as a group of seniors smoking weed behind the gym, or something as dangerous as an under-the-influence teacher or administrator. When that happens, you have two options: bring in the police and risk the public relations nightmare of their presence, or you can call us.

Our trained teams of handlers and dogs provide discreet searches for all parts of your campus, allowing you to handle matters in-house without the mess and drama of a police visit. Our search areas can include:

  • Private School and administrative buildings
  • Classrooms
  • Teacher breakrooms and offices
  • Lockers and other storage spaces
  • Athletic grounds and stadiums

Searches can be set up both during and after school hours, at your choice. We are unaffiliated with any police or investigatory agency, so our discretion and confidentiality is guaranteed. In addition, your staff or security personnel can monitor the search as it progresses, so that you get the results you need. Single searches or regular repeat searches are available as well.

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