Our company was established in 2010 to train dogs for detection work. As we refined our training methods and our network of satisfied clients and like-minded dog training associates grew, we began to see a need for private detection work. We now work with a diverse variety of clients, from concerned parents to business owners, to provide them with the safety and peace of mind that they deserve.


K9 Eddie

  • KNPV Belgian Malinois
  • Narcotics

K9 Woody

  • American Field Trial Labrador Retriever
  • Narcotics

K9 Echo

  • KNPV Belgian Malinois
  • Narcotics

Additionally, Detection K9 uses trained K9’s under leased contract for Explosive, Currency, Weapons and Bedbug detection.


We at Detection K9 pride ourselves on procuring the best dogs for the job. All of our Malinois canine companions are rigorously vetted and are acquired from select reputable kennels. Our American Field Labrador Retrievers are vetted and tested from a select number of reputable breeders throughout the US. All of our dogs descend from the highest quality and fittest dogs available, all of whom have passed thorough health and temperament testing.


Our promise of quality is backed up by the satisfaction of our customers. Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about our work.